I’m a small business – do I really need an HR Service?

Small businesses often don’t have an HR department and instead have one person in place to manage all things ‘people’ – but it’s not uncommon for that person to be juggling several plates and to already be oversubscribed throughout their working day. Unfortunately for already-pressed resource-sparse small businesses, HR work is by no means the 9-to-5 predictable workload that so many other departments can boast; yet somehow so few micro enterprises consider hiring an expert.

Investing in a productive and proactive HR consultancy is of great value to smaller businesses, so let’s talk through some of the ways how they can save you time, money, and effort.

Adopting a Bespoke People Approach Encourages an Empowered Workforce

Allowing for employees to be treated as individuals takes time – to draft and amend their contacts, tailor their communications, listen to their concerns and cares and ensure they’re fully invested (emotionally, not necessarily financially) into the business. Every staff member, no matter if your workforce is 5 people or 500, should be communicated with openly, honestly, and clearly, and listened to. An HR Consultant can spend the time needed on keeping staff feeling involved and empowered so that in turn, they’ll contribute better to the business.

Taking the Time to Cover the Basics

Often as start-ups launch and small enterprises begin, contracts are downloaded from online templates and policies and procedures amended from those of other companies. However, this cross-this-bridge-as-you-come-to-it approach can’t last forever, and often doesn’t afford you the legal protections needed to function as a business properly and safely. An HR Consultant can write new documents bespoke for your company as well as to amend and update your existing ones, so that you and your workforce are both safeguarded.

Dealing with Difficult Situations

The nature of small business is, that should something awkward erupt, everyone involved is likely to be working together no matter the circumstances going on around them. This makes impartiality tough and having a third-party work on any conflict can help mediate and resolve tricky situations quickly and efficiently. What’s more, an HR Consultant will have the specialist knowledge and expertise to tackle and diffuse challenging and atypical situations without escalating them or unduly prolonging difficulties. Don’t risk attempting to deal with complex or troublesome HR problems if you’re not thoroughly qualified to do so – it can do more harm than good.

Fluctuate Support with Demand

Of course, there are some HR jobs that must be done repeatedly (payroll, sickness and holiday monitoring and hiring/firing), but realistically there is no set workload and as such, HR support often needs to be supplied in fits and starts. An HR Consultant can offer more support when you need it and a baseline level when you don’t, to keep your business on top of all its people needs; be they just standard document drafts or complex mediation and tribunal procedures. Working with an HR Consultant allows you to access help as, when, and how you much you need.

At Rebox HR we support our clients, just like this, we offer a fully bespoke service which suits your business, not just giving you an off the shelf service. Get your HR to do list done with ease.

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